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Mill Woven Collection

With my Mill Woven Collections I have created ranges of scarves that... 

Handwoven Collection

A collection of one-off scarves and shawls designed and handwoven by Charlotte... 


My artwork pieces are born out of my love of experimenting with... 


A programme of workshops starting in September with Creative Textures on 8 Shafts.

Student commented "Really enjoyable - excellent content. Going away with very full mind of ideas."

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  • Artist

    Charlotte has long been interested in the relationship between materials. Her wall based artwork explores how different materials react with each other in the weaving process.

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  • Designer

    From her studio at Cockpit in Deptford, Charlotte designs ranges of scarves in predominantly lambswool. These are then woven in mills in the UK on vintage looms.

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  • Handweaver

    For over 20 years Charlotte has been a hand weaver creating a collection of one-off scarves. She combines colour and materials to create timeless scarves for women and men.

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  • Teacher

    With over 14 years of teaching experience Charlotte is starting to running workshops. These workshops are aimed at intermediate weavers who want to develop their skill and knowledge.

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All about making ....

Individual is a short film made by R&A Collaborations showing the process of setting up the loom from the beginning right through to starting to weave. Setting up a loom is a lengthy process and often one that is not seen.


Woven Canvases

Recently Charlotte has concentrated her artwork on a series of woven canvases. Woven as compositions stretched over deep canvases these artworks explore the nature of pattern, rhythm and sequence.


Experimental Weaving

This is a detail of an experimental piece Charlotte wove for her MA. It was woven in three layers. The blueish coloured layer is a nylon monofilament (or fishing line). The dark threads are a wire and the creamy white ones are a highly twisted silk. 

The silk is what is creating the sculptural effect of the cloth. Woven in the middle layer it pulls the others in and causes a bubbling effect.

On the loom it was woven flat, but then when she took it off and washed it, the shrinkage caused 3 dimensional effect she was looking for. 

"For me there was the added drama of not knowing exactly how it was going to react until this last stage, but great fun to see it change when I put it into hot water."

Recently this has been the starting point for some new work. Read more about the journey Charlotte has begun in her journal ....