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This year I am delighted to be taking part in Cloth#19 at the fabulous Dovecot Tapestry Studios. I visited this event last year on my way through Edinburgh and it was a beautiful show in a stunning setting. It is also great to meet up with other textile makers including weavers. Textiles is such a diverse discipline. I will be in Part II on 17-18 August and I am really looking forward to being there and during the festival as well.



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During the Summer Open Studios this year at Cockpit Arts Deptford I ran some one-to-one taster sessions. This was a first for me, and it I was really please with how well it went. I set the loom up in advance with a white warp and put out a selection of yarns for people to choose from. 

I started each person off with a few basic weave patterns and they wove for an hour choosing yarns and patterns and colours. They all had great fun and we had some lovely conversations too. At the end of each session we cut off their piece to take home. It was lovely to meet each one and see what they wove.

Here are some of the results.



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Adding a blog to my website is a new venture for me, so here goes.



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